New Fall TV Thoughts

I’ve watched some of the new shows this fall, and want to get my thoughts out of my head.  Rather than try to do a post for every one, I’m collecting them here.

New shows:

  • The Flash – Yes, I was weak and downloaded the leaked pilot.  It is great.  Very few of the ‘pilot problems’ you run into when you have to introduce all the characters and explain the world.  Though it probably helps that you have familiarity with the world via Arrow.  Still, they go all-in with the Rogue’s Gallery right from the start, and tease some huge events in the DC Universe.  Very solid.
  • Gotham – Remember those ‘pilot problems’ I mentioned?  Yeah, this show has was the perfect example.  Tons of characters, way too many references to the future Batman mythos considering the Waynes die in this very episode.  It felt like they were in a rush to just establish EVERYTHING right away.  Bruce isn’t going to be Batman for like, 10 years, you can do a slow burn on some of this.  In two episodes we have all the main crime bosses (Falcone/Maroni/new character Fish Mooney), Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, the Dollmaker, Poison Ivy, not to mention all of the important cops (Gordon of course, Bullock, Montoya, Essen, Crispus Allen and on and on).  Add in the Alfred/Bruce stuff and it’s just too much.  The best thing the showrunners could do with this is dial back the future supervillains, and focus on Gotham falling deeper into chaos after the Waynes’ death.  Play up the mob bosses going to war, with the Penguin as a wild card (so to speak).  If you MUST involve other villains, stick one guys like Zsazz who we’ve already seen in trailers for the season.  Gordon’s struggles with the corruption and rampant mafia are more interesting than devoting 10 minutes of every episode to young Bruce, who might do something interesting in a decade.
  • Forever – Watched this one on a whim.  Kind of fun, it follows Ioan Gruffud as an immortal working as a medical examiner in New York City.  He’s trying to figure out why he can’t die (permanently, his body disappears and he reappears in water) while using his years of experience solving crimes.  Only Abe, played by Judd Hirsch, knows the secret.  It feels very much like Highlander: The Series, without the swordfights, complete with flashbacks that often shed light on something happening in the present day.  Biggest mistake the show has made so far was introducing another ‘immortal’ who calls and taunts Gruffud’s Dr. Henry Morgan.  I feel like, you don’t lead with that.  Let the world get established a bit, then spring that surprise on him – do it at a midseason break, if you’re going to have one.  Even that may push it.

That’s all I’ve seen for now.  I’m not really a sitcom guy, and nothing else new grabbed my interest.  Anything else I should be watching?