Moviepass – Would You Do It?

Gizmodo asked the question today – Would an Unlimited Subscription Get Your Ass Back in a Movie Theater Seat?  And for me, the answer is a qualified yes.  Moviepass looks to create a movie theater subscription where you pay them $25-40 a month (based on how expensive movies are in your area) and you can… Continue reading Moviepass – Would You Do It?

Friday Finds – Liquid Breathing and Sand Tiger Sharks

Hope everybody had a great week.  I came home from Virginia Beach, and the weather followed me (in the 90s here in sunny Buffalo).  Of course, it’ll be in the 70s in a few days…anyway, here are last week’s posts: Movie Review:  Transformers: Dark of the Moon – It wasn’t an unholy abomination.  I had… Continue reading Friday Finds – Liquid Breathing and Sand Tiger Sharks

Friday Finds – The Original BFG

It’s a light week since I was gone and not posting, due to my Grandmother’s funeral.  One post last week: Old Game Tuesday – American McGee’s Alice – Alice’s madness has returned, so play the original before you tackle the new game. Other cool stuff: Gizmodo has links about the original Big F***ing Gun, the… Continue reading Friday Finds – The Original BFG

Graphene – Strongest Material Ever Tested

Technology Review has posted an article about Graphene, which has been thought to be the strongest material known since it was first isolated. Scientists were finally able to test it and confirm that it is. Jeffrey Kysar and James Hone, mechanical-engineering professors at Columbia University, tested graphene’s strength at the atomic level by measuring the… Continue reading Graphene – Strongest Material Ever Tested

Solar Upgrades

Researchers at MIT have figured out a way to increase the effectiveness of existing solar panels (or create solar power from windows). Here’s a description from the article on just what is happening: The dye-based organic solar concentrator functions without the use of tracking or cooling systems, greatly reducing the overall cost compared to other… Continue reading Solar Upgrades

Office Spaced

A California man used an automated script to sign up for more than 58,000 Google Checkout, Paypal, brokerage and other online accounts that use deposit verification techniques, and got sent $58,000. Think Office Space. It would’ve worked, except: However, Largent used false names, including cartoon characters, as well as false addresses and social security numbers,… Continue reading Office Spaced

Wall-Climbing Robot

Check this out: Researchers at SRI International have come up with a wall-climbing robot – one that uses electro-adhesion to attach to the wall. There is a video at the Popular Mechanics link, which shows a tracked ‘vehicle’ climbing up a normal household wall. Pretty neat technology. Spotted at Gizmodo.

Just in Time for the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere

Gizmodo brings me this little bit of terror…apparently someone wants to make HUGE Forest Fire fighting robots. With MASSIVE SAW BLADES at the ends of the arms. But of COURSE it will NEVER be used for any sort of military purpose, right? And it will stay perfectly within our control, at all times. Okay! I’m… Continue reading Just in Time for the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere