New Pics of Mattie and Thomas!

My parents were in town the past week or so, and we went to the Buffalo Zoo and the Strong Museum. Here’s a few highlights:

In no particular order, as my in-laws’ camera didn’t have the right date set and I’m too lazy to manually sort all the pics. By the way, if you have an excuse to make it out to Rochester, NY, the Strong Museum currently has the Videotopia exhibit: 60+ classic arcade consoles, from Tapper to Star Wars, Dig-Dug to Ms. Pac-man. I’m assuming their website is ironic, and they really could have a better design if they wanted to…


Read the interviews, check the trailers held within, and rejoice. One of the founders of FASA, Jordan Weisman, acquired the license back for the Battletech universe, and is creating a new game! This was one of my favories series, and as I’ve mentioned, one of the games that caused me to want to try PC gaming again (Starcraft and Quake 2 being the others). They are taking the game back, chronolgically, to 3015 and is being treated as a reboot of the universe. I am genuinely excited, and will be following this one closely.

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Old Game Tuesday – M.U.L.E.

M.U.L.E. holds the distinction of being the game I’ve probably played the longest. I was first exposed to it on my old Commodore 64, and though there are many classics from that era (which may be covered here in the future), this is the one that has kept my interest continually since then.

M.U.L.E. is a game of economic strategy. You begin as colonists on the planet Irata (it’s Atari backwards, you see). The goal is to build up the colony for a set period of time based on the difficulty level chosen, and individually, to build your wealth. Up to four players could participate, either human or computer, and there were multiple ‘species’ to choose from with various bonuses or handicaps. Each pioneer picks plots of land (with an occasional auction of additional plots) and then takes turns working them. The M.U.L.E.s (Multiple Use Labor Elements) themselves are robotic assistants that are outfitted with equipment to harvest Food, Energy, Smithore (to make more M.U.L.E.s) and Crystite (in Tournament mode). After each player has their turn, their plots of land experience their growth cycle, assuming they have a M.U.L.E. on them that is outfitted properly. Oh, and there is a bit of game balance each turn. The player with the lowest score gets a boon (bonus money from an inheritance, etc.) and the player with the highest gets smacked down a bit (darn glak-elves).

Next up is the auction…and here’s where it gets nasty. Each player gets a chance to buy and sell the various commodities, either to other players or the store. The store runs out at times, though, forcing you to rely on the other players for what you need to survive. Not enough energy, some of your plots go fallow. No food, and you have very little time to work your plots. If the colony has no smithore, no more M.U.L.E.s, or the cost of them go up. There is a fine line, you want to be the winner, but if the colony collapses, you all lose. You can try and hoard all the energy and force your opponents to pay through the nose – they even provided a way to collude with another player as a feature – but an ill-timed global event (pirates stealing all the smithore!) could be disastrous.

The game was developed by Dan (later Dani) Bunten, who also made several other favorites of mine, Seven Cities of Gold and Command HQ. She pioneered several features that are commonplace in games now, including multiplayer and modem/network gaming. M.U.L.E. is widely available via emulation, with the original Atari 800 version being the most popular. I’ll link it up tonight if I get a chance. Now I’m off to hunt the mountain wampus…

edit: Here’s the link, just go to the download page and pick your version of Windows. Has everything you need. You can even play over the network or internet with a bit of work.

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iPhone SDK Doesn't Suck

Gizmodo has a roundup of their iPhone SDK coverage here, but the thing that jumped out at me (being a huge fan of Will Wright) is that the iPhone will have the full-blown version of Spore available for it. Other highlights include VOIP via WiFi and an AIM client, still no Flash though. iPod Touch users have to pay again, too.

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Final Fantasy Turns 20

One of my favorite game series, Final Fantasy, just turned 20. 1up has several features on it this week, but I’m pressed for time so hit up this /. article for all the links.