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  • Thanksgiving Timeline

    It’s time, once again, for what might be the best holiday of them all for grown-ups – Thanksgiving.  That goes double if you aren’t trusted to prepare food by your family.  You get awesome food, and it’s expected that you are going to eat a ton of it.  If you love football, there are some genuinely […]

  • Second Class Citizen

    I went home last night, and while I was putting Eva to sleep for the night, I turned on Fox so I could watch Eagles/Steelers.  HOWEVER, as my old CRT television hummed to life, I was presented with an annoyance.  I could only see how many points the Steelers had.  Of course, for most of […]

  • Remeber That?

    That’s how you feel when you watch a winning team. The UB Bulls defeated the 12th ranked Ball State Cardinals 42-24 last night at Detroit’s Ford Field. I didn’t start watching until I read some of the stuff at the WNYMedia LiveBlog, which was about the end of the first half. It was great fun, […]

  • Buffalo Sports Bloggers Fantasy Football

    Just finished the draft in the Buffalo Sports Bloggers league, and here’s what I got: QB – Matt Hasselbeck WR – Chad Johnson WR – Hines Ward RB – Clinton Portis RB – Ryan Grant TE – Antonio Gates WR/TE – Nate Burleson K – Rob Bironas DEF – New England Bench: WR – Bernard […]

  • I love Joe Paterno

    In a day and age where College athletes at the highest levels can be as famous and as pampered as their professional counterparts, Joe Pa is a throwback. At least 15 Nittany Lions were involved in an ugly off-campus brawl, but instead of trying to move past it quickly and using typical head-coach doubletalk about […]