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  • Firefox 3: Full Page Zoom, and How To Get Rid Of It

    Like many of you, Firefox 3 is my go-to browser for normal use, but v3 has one annoyance I helped someone fix today: they switched up the standard zoom (Ctrl + + or -) to enlarge everything, including pictures, and not just text. If you don’t like it, here’s how to put it back they […]

  • Live Search Cashback

    I read about this at Lifehacker earlier today. The next time you are looking for products online, take a spin over to MS’s Live Search Cashback page and give it a try. It’s a product search similar to Froogle or CNET’s Shopper, with a clean interface. The difference being that all of the particpating merchants […]

  • Firefox 3 – Fastest Web Browser?

    That’s what Lifehacker asserts, especially in JavaScript performance. Gmail is improved as well. Click the link for full details. I’m running Firefox 3 RC1 right now, and this post in and of itself is part of my testing. So far, so good.

  • Lifehacker's Guide To Free Software And Webapps

    Lifehacker has a roundup for 2007 Free Software and Webapps they have featured (and like). Where applicable, they have linked to many of the guides and screenshot tours of the various apps. As usual, anything missed is pointed out in the comments. Some very useful stuff I need to check out.

  • Lifehacker: First Look at Firefox 3.0

    Lifehacker has a preview of the latest beta build of Firefox 3.0. They have updated bookmarking with STARS, saved searches, as well as the typical design updates you get with a new version.

  • PriceDrop – Firefox Extension

    Here’s more fun found at Lifehacker: PriceDrop. It lets you track items on Amazon for price drops, and the advantage is all the details are stored locally, not on an external website. Very useful to keep an eye on items for price guarantees. There’s a somewhat similar web-based app called PriceProtectr that works for a […]