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Star Wars Movie Viewing Order – UPDATE

I ran this poll a long time ago, but I read an article the other day about viewing the Star Wars movies in a completely different order that has completely changed my thoughts on how to watch Star Wars.  It’s called the Machete order.  You start with A New Hope, then Empire with it’s gnarly cliffhanger/reveal…and then shows you how young Anakin Skywalker’s slide towards the Dark Side of the Force, but without most of Jar-Jar and the creepy “I knew you as a child now I’m making babies with you” aspect of the Anakin/Padme relationship.  It actually IMPROVES the Palpatine being Sidious reveal along with it.  It’s honestly pretty brilliant, and I think it’s what I’m going to do for my kids.  Thomas has seen bits and pieces but Mattie will be unspoiled.

What order will you show the Star Wars movies to your kids?

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