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  • Movie Review – Doctor Strange

    Movie Review – Doctor Strange

    I saw the Scott Derrickson-directed Doctor Strange over the weekend, and enjoyed it a lot.  It’s not going to unseat any of my favorite MCU movies (currently Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Guardians and Civil War) but it was a fun if familiar tale.  I’ll get all the non-spoiler notes out of the way first:  the…

  • Do Your Homework – Doctor Strange: Season One

    Do Your Homework – Doctor Strange: Season One

    Marvel recently released the first teaser trailer for Doctor Strange, the movie which comes out this November.  Unlike Captain America: Civil War which is filled with recognizable characters for the most part, Doctor Strange is a relative unknown to the average movie-goer.  If you’ve watched the teaser, you’ll already know that things are…well, stranger than…