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Movie Review – Doctor Strange

I saw the Scott Derrickson-directed Doctor Strange over the weekend, and enjoyed it a lot.  It’s not going to unseat any of my favorite MCU movies (currently Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Guardians and Civil War) but it was a fun if familiar tale.  I’ll get all the non-spoiler notes out of the way first:  the effects are as amazing as advertised, and I can’t wait to go back and see it in 3D.  The cast (for all the difficulties with casting a movie from a source so steeped in racial stereotypes) are great as a Marvel movie’s cast usually is, with Benedict Cumberbatch filling Strange’s robes admirably as the arrogant surgeon/distracted driving consequences example.  I really liked Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo, he’s got such a great delivery of his lines.  It’s no surprise why he got to say most of the artifact names.

The visuals are simply jaw-dropping.  For those who scoffed at the early clips and trailers that mostly showed the city bending as “psh, Inception” that barely scratches the surface.  Basically take the visuals of the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man, add a bunch of psychedelic color, and jam the accelerator to the floor.  So cool.

<spoilers from here on out>

Comics Review

Do Your Homework – Doctor Strange: Season One

Marvel recently released the first teaser trailer for Doctor Strange, the movie which comes out this November.  Unlike Captain America: Civil War which is filled with recognizable characters for the most part, Doctor Strange is a relative unknown to the average movie-goer.  If you’ve watched the teaser, you’ll already know that things are…well, stranger than what you’ve seen in the MCU movies so far, even moreso than Guardians and Thor: The Dark World.  If you want to investigate further, Marvel’s made that easy with Doctor Strange: Season One.

The ‘Season One’ books were designed to tell updated origin stories to new readers, and are a bit more accessible to modern readers.  I love Lee and Ditko and Kirby as much as the next Marvel fan but there’s something to be said for a retelling with modern sensibilities.  All of the bases are covered here regarding Strange and the wider cast of characters you’ll encounter in the movie like the Ancient One, Baron Mordo, Wong, Dormammu, the Vishanti.  Greg Pak is a solid writer and Emma Rios is a wonderful artist who you should be seeking out elsewhere.

If you are curious about the character but don’t want to wade through a bunch of comics from the 60s and 70s this is a great choice to get acquainted with the good doctor.