Gaming Is Good For Your Brain

I saw this article pop up on my Twitter feed (my apologies if you tweeted it and didn’t get credit), and I have to say, I can definitely see it.  Although since I’m kind of bad at most games, I wonder if it really helps me that much.  Heh.  The main thrust of the article:… Continue reading Gaming Is Good For Your Brain

Skyrim Mod Idea

Posting it both to keep it somewhere I’ll see and remember it, and to see if anyone else is interested in it…I’ve been thinking about taking a stab at a mod that would let you use mundane items (like brooms or empty bottles) as weapons.  I just think it would be hilarious to beat a… Continue reading Skyrim Mod Idea

Player versus Developer Narratives

My First Warden. Destruction, personified.

David Jaffe, designer of the Twisted Metal series of games, made a splash recently at a DICE summit presentation.  The Ars article linked has a good breakdown of it, and if you want the full talk, go here (he’s a bit obnoxious and vulgar, FYI).  Here’s a pertinent snippet: My talk is actually a warning,… Continue reading Player versus Developer Narratives

Skyrim – Mod It

So, Bethesda finally released the long-awaited Creation Kit for Skyrim, so the modders of the world can finally really sink their teeth into the game and start producing outstanding content.  Well, there’s some good stuff already, but the options are now thrown wide open.  If you are interested in giving it a whirl, they’ve got… Continue reading Skyrim – Mod It

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim First Impressions

I’m only maybe 5 or 6 hours into Skyrim, but I feel like I’ve seen and experienced enough to give you my first impressions.  It’s a downright beautiful game, it set my detail level to ‘High’ based on my specs and it was just ridiculous how good it looks.  I think there’s been an emphasis… Continue reading The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim First Impressions

Old Game Tuesday – The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

When I was a kid, I rented a ton of games for my various game systems as even then I really hated the idea of wasting what little money I had on a bad game.  I also preferred renting the simpler action games rather than buying them, figuring something like Final Fantasy III, which took… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Friday Finds – Buffalo Cash Mob

First, the week in posts: Poll: Best Star Wars Videogame Ever? – currently the votes say TIE Fighter.  Where are you Dark Forces people at?  Rock the Vote! Movie Review – Cowboys and Aliens – Not terrible, had some entertainment value, but pretty forgettable to me.  Leans more towards the Western side of things, so… Continue reading Friday Finds – Buffalo Cash Mob

Growing Older (But Not Up)

Ways I know I still haven’t grown up: Video games are still fun. Most of my favorite movies are animated. Almost all of my t-shirts are either video game or sports team related. I cheer when watching a sporting event…even if I’m at home alone. LEGO stuff is awesome (this will never change). The best… Continue reading Growing Older (But Not Up)

Call for Contenders – Best Star Wars Game

Since it began all those years ago with Star Wars (A New Hope), Lucas’s universe has spawned dozens of computer and console games of widely varying quality.  I’m very curious to see if we can come up with any sort of consensus of what the best Star Wars games are, and if one rises to… Continue reading Call for Contenders – Best Star Wars Game

Old Game Tuesday – American McGee’s Alice

In honor of the release of the long-awaited sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, I thought I’d talk a bit about the original game, Alice.  American McGee’s Alice (with American McGee, a former id Software employee as the designer) is a third-person shooter and platformer set years after Alice’s original adventures in Wonderland.  If that seems familiar,… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – American McGee’s Alice

Old Game Tuesday – Lemmings

Ah, Lemmings.  One of the best puzzle games of the early PC era (indeed, it was developed for the Amiga!), it’s also one of the hardest to describe.  What are the lemmings, exactly?  They just…walk?  That’s the gist of it, really.  You have to guide the lemmings, who don’t really resemble the animal of that… Continue reading Old Game Tuesday – Lemmings