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Live Search Cashback

I read about this at Lifehacker earlier today. The next time you are looking for products online, take a spin over to MS’s Live Search Cashback page and give it a try. It’s a product search similar to Froogle or CNET’s Shopper, with a clean interface. The difference being that all of the particpating merchants have a percentage cashback when you search and make the purchase through this page. There are many popular merchants involved (including Newegg), and you only have to accumulate $5 for them to pay you out (Paypal, Direct Deposit or a mailed check). So far, I haven’t found many warts other than MS’s Live pages not working well in Firefox 3 RC1.

Make OpenOffice Work Better with Word

I’ve used OpenOffice on occasion, and am quite happy with the features it has as far as word processing go. However, conversions back and forth to Word can be spotty. Cnet has an article about how to make OpenOffice play nice with Word docs. Won’t make it perfect, but some of the changes will definitely improve your chances of getting the docs exchanged with minimal formatting impact. Spotted at Lifehacker.


Wave Power

Pacific Gas & Electric with Finavera Renewables for 2 megawatts of power, provided by wave-powered turbines. Here’s a snippet on how the tech works:

Finavera makes a device called the Aquabuoy, a buoy connected to a long underwater piston. As the buoy bobs up and down on the waves, it pushes the piston, which pressurizes a chamber filled with seawater. The pressure cranks a turbine and electricity is made.

It sounds like they have some obstacles yet to hurdle (the force behind waves and tides are pretty massive, it’s been hard design equipment to stand up to the stresses) but if successful it looks like technology that could provide a good amount of power at a lower environmental impact than fossil fuels.