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  • Movie Review – Wonder Woman

    Movie Review – Wonder Woman

    We saw an early screening, and I’m happy to report director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is everything DC should be doing in all of their movies.  It’s epic in scope, as befitting one of DC’s trinity of heroes.  It’s does something interesting with Diana’s origin, managing to homage both her classic origin and the more recent…

  • Movie Review – Star Trek Beyond

    Movie Review – Star Trek Beyond

    I’ve got a bit of a love/hate relationship with the “Kelvin-verse” Star Trek movies.  I really like the cast, and have come to grips with the fact that, since it’s not a TV show, the movies need to shade a bit more to the action side of things than the more cerebral Trek episodes.  Still,…

  • Movie Review – Star Trek Into Darkness

    Movie Review – Star Trek Into Darkness

    There will be spoilers.  You are warned. If there’s anything I know from reading reactions to Star Trek Into Darkness, it’s that it is very polarizing.  You are going to love it or hate it.  The middle ground ‘it was decent’ option is pretty darn uncommon. To best prepare you for discussing STID, I’m going…