The Legend of Korra: WHOA

Note:  bigtime spoilers here, if you aren’t fully caught up. I watched episode 8 today (both times it was on!) and am completely floored at what’s happening here.  The show is moving through plot at a breakneck pace, and just when you think they might take a breather, BOOM, Tarrlok and Korra fight.  And for… Continue reading The Legend of Korra: WHOA

The Legend of Korra

This is a notice to those of you who wax nostalgic about the cartoons of your youth, and claim nothing they make these days can compare.  I bet you’re not watching The Legend of Korra, the follow-up series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, on Nickelodeon.  A:TLA was well known for being an excellent show, and… Continue reading The Legend of Korra

Things our kids won’t believe

For sports: Baseball was played mostly during the day. The only way to track the stats of your favorite players was through the box scores in the newspaper. There were no Russians in the NHL. The Mets were good and the Red Sox were perpetual losers, often in heart-breaking fashion. For media: MTV showed music… Continue reading Things our kids won’t believe