Our Free Comic Book Day 2015 Haul!

Above you can see the picks both me and my kids picked out for Free Comic Book Day 2015!  I didn’t get to get out early so I missed a couple of the free books I wanted (the Dark Horse sampler with the Avatar: The Last Airbender comic, and Terrible Lizard) but we still got… Continue reading Our Free Comic Book Day 2015 Haul!

Friday Finds – Spielberg, Lesley Crusher and NaNoWriMo

Hi all, busy week this week so posting was light.  Missed OGT, which always sucks for me because I love playing these old games.  :D  Here’s my one post of the week: Freaking AMAZING Lord of the Rings LEGO – Just what it says.  SWEET. Other links: A teacher at my son’s school won school… Continue reading Friday Finds – Spielberg, Lesley Crusher and NaNoWriMo

Friday Finds – Buffalo Cash Mob

First, the week in posts: Poll: Best Star Wars Videogame Ever? – currently the votes say TIE Fighter.  Where are you Dark Forces people at?  Rock the Vote! Movie Review – Cowboys and Aliens – Not terrible, had some entertainment value, but pretty forgettable to me.  Leans more towards the Western side of things, so… Continue reading Friday Finds – Buffalo Cash Mob

A Question Of Motivation

First, the Sabres…from John Vogl over at the Buffalo News: “We didn’t compete,” captain Craig Rivet said. “We didn’t compete at all. They played a playoff game and gave everything they had, and we looked like a bunch of guys that wanted to wait and hopefully win a hockey game. “It’s pathetic. It’s very upsetting.… Continue reading A Question Of Motivation

Trade Deadline Day 2010

It’s that day again, the day Sabres fans have been conditioned to complain about.  Darcy Regier usually does something on Deadline day, but never a big earth-shattering move like many folks want.   There are a ton of rumors, many names in play that ‘we’ have decided can ‘help’, but usually the Sabres don’t want to… Continue reading Trade Deadline Day 2010

Buffalo Homecoming

Stepping away from the NHL draft and other nerdity for a moment, I’d like to point out (both for locals and potential visitors alike) that June 26-29 is Buffalo Homecoming, a yearly event to highlight what there is to like about Buffalo. June 26th is dedicated to the city’s varied eateries, and folks are encouraged… Continue reading Buffalo Homecoming

Cheapskates: $1 Bus Fares to NYC, Toronto

Megabus has started service between Buffalo and Binghamton, Toronto and NYC, in case you were not aware. The trick is, you can get tickets as low as $1 each way depending on when you search and how much demand there is for the trip. I just did a search, and could go round-trip to Toronto… Continue reading Cheapskates: $1 Bus Fares to NYC, Toronto