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Our Free Comic Book Day 2015 Haul!

Above you can see the picks both me and my kids picked out for Free Comic Book Day 2015!  I didn’t get to get out early so I missed a couple of the free books I wanted (the Dark Horse sampler with the Avatar: The Last Airbender comic, and Terrible Lizard) but we still got a bunch of cool stuff.  Some favorites:

  • Cleopatra in Space:  I *love* the art in this, and I can tell my daughters are going to enjoy it.  I see buying all the books.
  • The Invincible Iron Man War Machine collection:  My son’s pick (I think Age of Ultron affected this one), and a huge nostalgia bomb for me as I collected every one of these issues when I was a teenager.
  • Infinity Gauntlet/Planet Hulk #1:  These were both $1 reprints and my son really seemed to enjoy them.
  • Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman:  My girls both pegged on this one, as the cover art pulled them in.  Two stories, with one featuring interior art from Mike Maihack, of the above Cleopatra in Space.  Just a ton of fun.
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4:  What can I say, Doreen reminds me of my Mattie and my wife reading the dialogue out loud to us was hilarious.

I think we’ll have to go back to the shop again sooner this time.  I was very happy to see lots of young women and girls out, and my daughters definitely liked seeing a wider selection of stuff with girls/women on the cover.  They both pointed out stuff like She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel while also picking up things like Dan Slott/Humberto Ramos’s The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1.  All in all, I call that a successful day out.

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Friday Finds – Spielberg, Lesley Crusher and NaNoWriMo

Hi all, busy week this week so posting was light.  Missed OGT, which always sucks for me because I love playing these old games.  :D  Here’s my one post of the week:

Other links:

A teacher at my son’s school won school supplies, and George Wilson of the Buffalo Bills visited.  He also talked about bullying, so you may want to check that out.

I admit, I didn’t know some of these things about ST:TNG.  Lesley Crusher!

Why Spielberg’s TV shows suck when compared to his movies.

Fight back against writer’s block, a good one to read with NaNoWriMo coming up.  Might try and tackle this again.

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Friday Finds – Buffalo Cash Mob

First, the week in posts:

And the links I found:

A VERY stupid man was caught trying to create a nuclear reactor at home.  This genius caused a ‘small meltdown’ on his stove, and sent a letter to Sweden’s ‘Radiation Authority’, who tipped off the cops.  You thought a meth lab made a bad neighbor.

There is a rat (an ENORMOUS rat) in Africa that chews on a poisonous tree, and then puts the poison on a strip of hair.  Predators that bit them foam at the mouth and die.  These must be the rats that kill you when you are just starting out in an MMO game.

ArsTechnica (via FCC data) has a chart that shows how the major high-speed internet providers stack up as far as providing the bandwidth they claim you should get.  Here in Buffalo we do OK (Time Warner) is right there at 90+% with very little drop at peak times, and Verizon FiOS actually gives you a bit more than advertised.  I feel really bad for Cablevision customers, though.

To end things, a couple of things that might appeal to Buffalonians.  First is a story of how Cleveland is leveraging empty lots as gardens, and just how far it could take a city.  Second is the Buffalo Cash Mob, an idea for a flashmob that has a good purpose – to patronize a locally owned business.  This afternoon/evening, it’s City Wine Merchant.  It’s a great choice, which you can read about at this link.  If you can check ’em out tonight, tell ’em the #BuffCashMob sent you.

A Question Of Motivation

First, the Sabres…from John Vogl over at the Buffalo News:

“We didn’t compete,” captain Craig Rivet said. “We didn’t compete at all. They played a playoff game and gave everything they had, and we looked like a bunch of guys that wanted to wait and hopefully win a hockey game.

“It’s pathetic. It’s very upsetting. They’re a team that’s hungry, and we look like a team that’s just going through the paces right now.”

The good news is, there’s time for this to be corrected, and I don’t imagine it will be a huge problem once playoff games start.  On the bad side, though, that sounds a lot like a description of teams from the past two seasons.  If Rivet and Ruff can’t yank them out of this mini-funk, I don’t trust these guys to self-start.  Not many games left to get into the playoffs on a high note.

In other news, my PC is overheating.  Think I just need to reseat my HSF with some new thermal compound and all will be good.  But it sucks until then, as any gaming is out of the question.

Trade Deadline Day 2010

It’s that day again, the day Sabres fans have been conditioned to complain about.  Darcy Regier usually does something on Deadline day, but never a big earth-shattering move like many folks want.   There are a ton of rumors, many names in play that ‘we’ have decided can ‘help’, but usually the Sabres don’t want to give up a prospect they like to get a player that’s on a short contract.  Just the way Darcy works.

I won’t be posting on most of the rumors, though I am likely to comment on twitter, and the Roost’s liveblog if I can get in at work.

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Star Wars/MacGyver


I should be working on deep, well-researched posts for the Sabres early offseason, but I’m just getting cracked up over and over by this:


Remeber That?

That’s how you feel when you watch a winning team. The UB Bulls defeated the 12th ranked Ball State Cardinals 42-24 last night at Detroit’s Ford Field. I didn’t start watching until I read some of the stuff at the WNYMedia LiveBlog, which was about the end of the first half. It was great fun, and a good break from all the stuff hovering around the Bills and the Sabres. My congratulations go out to the Bulls, who have accepted an invite to the International Bowl up in Toronto.

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Buffalo Homecoming

Stepping away from the NHL draft and other nerdity for a moment, I’d like to point out (both for locals and potential visitors alike) that June 26-29 is Buffalo Homecoming, a yearly event to highlight what there is to like about Buffalo. June 26th is dedicated to the city’s varied eateries, and folks are encouraged to try one they’ve never been to. Later days including a Career Fair, the Buffalo Technology Entrepreneur Conference, tours of the various Buffalo neighborhoods (including South Buffalo, which starts at Tim Russert’s Children’s Garden). Add to this event the usual happenings (Wicked is at Shea’s, Shakespeare in Delaware Park), and you realize that Buffalo has more going on than Applebee’s and Dave and Busters as some would have you believe.


Cheapskates: $1 Bus Fares to NYC, Toronto

Megabus has started service between Buffalo and Binghamton, Toronto and NYC, in case you were not aware. The trick is, you can get tickets as low as $1 each way depending on when you search and how much demand there is for the trip. I just did a search, and could go round-trip to Toronto for $6 (plus $.50 reservation fee). I’d much rather take the train, but considering how expensive gas is nowadays for car travel, this could be an option for getting to NYC or Toronto if you can stand a no-frills ride.