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Movie Review – Brave

I took my daughter to go see Brave yesterday, and we both enjoyed it immensely.  She is four, and there were some slightly scary scenes where she hid her face in my shoulder, but she was rivited the rest of the time.  Just an FYI if you have a sensitive kid.

It’s an interesting movie for older kids to watch, as it really deals with taking responsibility for your own actions, and their effect on others.  More than once, Merida (the daughter of a Scottish King and Queen) thinks only of herself and makes choices that put the people who lover her in grave danger.  She visits a witch to make some changes to her life, and you can imagine how that goes.  She has to race against time to try and put things right, not only to save her own family, but to keep the peace between the clans.

The visuals in Brave are stunning, some of Pixar’s best work.  It’s funny to think of how much they talked up Sully’s hair way back in Monster’s Inc., to see how easily they can create Merida’s unruly mop of hair now.  The movie is amazing to look at, showing just how far CGI has come.

Like most of Pixar’s non-Cars work, it’s must-see in the theater.  If your younger kids are particularly sensitive about scary images, it might be best just to take the older ones, but see it.

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Friday Finds – Alligator Biodiesel and a Supernova

Missed a week due to unforseen circumstances, but here are the most recent posts:

I also missed an Old Game Tuesday, so as a bonus, check out Carrier Command:  Gaea Mission, a successor to the Carrier Command game on Amiga.

Here are the links you may find interesting this week:

First, fill your tank with biodiesel made from alligator fat.  The commenter who wants to restyle MPG as Miles Per Gator is winning at life.

Why east coast earthquakes are different from west coast ‘quakes.  Because the east is hard, yo.

Teach your kids about ancient weapons of war, while annoying your cats.

A possible new Star Trek TV series?

Han Solo in carbonite, ice cube version.  Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.

A touch more information on Brave, from Pixar.

Finally, astronomers are excited about a quite-visible supernova in the M101 galaxy.  Cool.