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  • Book Review – Firefight (Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners #2)

    I enjoyed the first book in the Reckoners series (Steelheart) despite some silly YA trappings that felt like they were there just to check a box on a form (let’s have some new slang for the kids!) but I’m a sucker for some good comic book action, and I like the hook here.  In Sanderson’s […]

  • Book Review – Steelheart

    Book Review – Steelheart

    Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson, is a spin through a dystopian world where an event (the Calamity) has given a small number of humans super powers.  The problem is, they are ALL evil.  Even though not all ‘Epics’ are equal in power, there are enough that they pretty much carved the world up into chunks they […]