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Friday Finds – Free RPG Day and more

It’s Free RPG Day tomorrow, similar to free comic book day where you can go to your favorite local RPG game store (the board game, pen and paper kind) and pick up a free game.  Most of what is available is the basic stuff, a good way to introduce your kids if you think they might be into it.  This link can find a store near to you that is participating (none here, drat).

Leviathan Wakes is out in stores now, if you are the sort that likes to go and pick up actual paper copies of books.

Speaking of Friday, Rebecca Black’s Friday is gone from YouTube.  We so excited.

Redbox users can now get videogames, $2/day.  Maybe YOU will enjoy Duke Nukem Forever.

Black hole eats a star.  Choice quote:

A huge “belch” of radiation from a supermassive black hole indicates that the cosmic monster recently devoured a star, scientists say.

As my nephew says at every meal (quote Garfield), and that’s the sign that the tank is full.

Speaking of Duke Nuken, I referenced the hilariously delayed game in an early post on this very site – in 2007.