Warner Bros. to Canada: You Suck!

Canada will no longer get advanced screenings of Warner Bros. movies, stating that 70 percent of their movies from the past 18 months were pirated in the Frozen North. It is currently not a criminal offense there to take your camcorder in to record a movie for ‘personal use’. President Bush wanted to send in… Continue reading Warner Bros. to Canada: You Suck!

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Slip-slidin' away

The Tate Modern Art Gallery in London has put in a giant tube slide for your sliding convenience. The longest is 182ft long and drops you from the 5th floor down to the first. Beware of the giant wedgie you might get, though.


Woot started one of their ‘Woot-offs’ last night. If you’ve ever felt the need for cheap gadgetry (and who hasn’t?), this is a great time to get some. They’ve had a gaming mouse, a Belkin iPod dock, and an external DVD writer so far, just for example.

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The forums

I know the forums are a bit wonky depending on which theme I have enabled, I’ll be working on it though. Edit: I’ve just stopped trying to integrate the forum into the WordPress stuff directly…I don’t think it’ll really come up much anyhoo.