The Legion “Who is real and who is not” Speculation Board

Legion, the X-Men-adjacent Marvel show, has begun airing the first season on FX, which will consist of 8 episodes.  If you are not familiar with it, Legion follows the experiences of mutant David Haller, who has been institutionalized for years with schizophrenia…the truth about his condition may go quite a bit beyond that, though.  In the source material, David has multiple personalities, and each personality holds sway over one of the myriad powers he has.  They may also be including the aspect of his power where he absorbs people killed by one of his personalities into himself, adding to the chorus in his head.

Throughout the show, you are never quite sure if what you are seeing is real or not.  We see what David sees, and often he’s not the most reliable narrator.  Strange beings appear and disappear, the world, looks different one second to the next, that sort of thing.  I’m going to keep a list here of the principal characters, and how likely they are to be ‘real’ and not just an aspect of David’s fractured mind.

  • David Haller – REAL
  • Sydney “Syd” Barrett – I’m leaning towards REAL, with some type of body-switching power.  However, it wouldn’t take much to convince me that she’s actually a part of David.  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out she’s a PERSONALITY, specifically the one that controls his pyrokinesis.
  • Lenny “Cornflakes” Busker – She was REAL, but my thought here is she was killed by David’s powers while Syd was in his body and has been integrated as a PERSONALITY of David’s.
  • Amy Haller – REAL as far as I can tell.
  • Melanie Bird – I’m going with REAL, and here’s why.  I’m thinking she’s a powerful telepath who is attempting to help David get his personalities in check.
  • The Government people – REAL.  Government always trying to snatch up a mutant.
  • The people helping Syd rescue David – REAL, but I’m not 100% here.  This will easily flip to PERSONALITIES if something happens with either Melanie or Syd to change my mind on them.
  • “Devil With the Yellow Eyes” – A PERSONALITY, possibly the one controlling David’s telekinesis.

I’ll add more characters (and more specifically name some if they become more important), but at this early juncture, all of this could change in an instant.  There’s a few important characters left to meet (Wikipedia mentions Jemaine Clement is playing a character who has been on the “astral plane” for 20 years, which could definitely open up some doubts on some of these, as he could have mental powers, or even be the Shadow King).\

After Episode 3 thoughts:

Maybe everyone’s real???

After Episode 5 thoughts: