Woot: MST3k! In For One!

SWEET! Today’s Woot is 4 discs packed with episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000! Click here to see the full details. Here’s a sample from one of the ‘hits’ included, Future War. Skip ahead to 2:43 if you are impatient. 6:54 is not bad either. Enjoy! Bonus feature, Werewolf: bones film with good quality

Product Review: Mountain Dew Throwback

As you may have heard, Pepsi has release Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, versions of the drinks that make use of natural sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup. You can most likely find ’em now at your local mega-mart (/Alton Brown’d), and I just picked up the Dew Throwback up in our cafeteria… Continue reading Product Review: Mountain Dew Throwback

Everything Old Is New Again

Here’s a head-scratch inducing addition to your desktop PC setup – an old VHS tape modded to act as a USB flash drive, complete with LED light and spinning reels. I don’t have the skills for this, but if I pass this along to the right person (MacGyver-esque dude in front of me) I can… Continue reading Everything Old Is New Again

Over The Falls: BAD IDEA

Even if you survive (and that’s no guarantee yet from what I understand, as this guy did suffer some head trauma), there’s a good reason going over Niagara Falls is a bad idea: The man had clothes on when he entered the water, but was naked when he was rescued. Rescuers believe the force of… Continue reading Over The Falls: BAD IDEA

He Said The Raccoon Challenged Him

For a change of pace, some bits from the Amherst Bee Police Blotter: A bouncer was sent to St. Joseph€™s Hospital after a fight at a George Urban Boulevard nightclub. A cell phone was found after the incident, and when the officer answered it after it rang, he was able to get the name and… Continue reading He Said The Raccoon Challenged Him