Comic Book Reviews – Goldie Vance Volume 1, The Backstagers Volume 1

BOOM! Studios recently joined NetGalley, giving reviewers access to a selection of their comics and graphic novels, and I immediately requested the first volumes of Goldie Vance and The Backstagers.  Goldie Vance because of the art – Brittney Williams, who you may know from her work on Patsy Walker, a. k. a. Hellcat!, is the artist, and Sarah Stern is the colorist (currently working on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink).  Hope Larson is the writer, and you may know her work from DC’s Batgirl.

Goldie Vance lives at the Crossed Palms hotel, with her Dad, the manager.  She’s a valet, but really enjoys investigating the cases that the hotel detective, Charles, comes across (whether or not he wants the help).  Take Nancy Drew, make it more diverse, and add in some car racing, and you’re on the right trail.  Cute and fun!

The Backstagers (written by James Tynion IV, Detective Comics) is a YA story about a kid named Jory, who transfers to an all-boys school and has trouble fitting in.  He’s prodded into checking out the Drama club, and is shocked to learn there’s a whole supernatural world behind the curtains that only the stage crew is aware of.  Rian Sygh handles the art, with colors from Walter Baiamont.  Again, cute and fun, if not exactly shaking the foundations of sequential art.


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