Comic Book Review – Black Panther #2

Creative Team:

  • Writer:  Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Art:  Brian Stelfreeze
  • Colors:  Laura Martin
  • Letters:  Joe Sabino

Black Panther #2 continues to juggle the various stories established in the first issue, and does it well.  We get a bit more information in each, developing the various threats facing T’Challa and Wakanda while deepening a few of the mysteries.  I’m particularly interested to see just what the two runaway Midnight Angels are up to, as their plan (after liberating a group of women who were being held by some evil men) hints at some classic Black Panther villains, including the Man-Ape.

Screenshot_20160520-131117-2Heh.  I like these ladies.  Coates has so far always worked in a few lines that bite and make you think, and the art by Brian Stelfreeze/Laura Martin continues to impress.  Black Panther has joined The Vision in the group of comics I am most looking forward to.


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