Comic Book Review – Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #1

So I grabbed Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat because I enjoy reading Kate Leth’s commentary on comics and her perspective, and I have to admit it’s more fun than I thought.  Plus, I got a solid sampling of Brittney L. Williams’s art, which works for me (she’ll be doing a Legend of Korra comic in the future).

If you are new to Hellcat (or coming from Patsy “Trish” Walker appearing on the Jessica Jones Netflix series), Leth and Williams get you up to speed in one page on her comics background.  Patsy is one of Marvel’s oldest characters, debuting in 1944 as the star of a series of teen romance comics published by Timely, the precursor to Marvel.  When she was brought into the Marvel Universe, it was established that those earlier adventures were also comic stories in-universe written by Patsy’s mother.  They played off this with her Jessica Jones appearance, where Patsy had been made to star in a Disney Channel-ish teen TV show by her mother.  Since joining the Marvel U she got powers, and had short stints as a Defender and even as an Avenger.

Before this issue, Patsy had been working as an investigator for She-Hulk, but loses both the job and her place to live in one fell swoop.  But like a cat, she lands on her feet, and finds a new purpose in life to boot – finding work for people with more…mundane powers.  Not everybody can be a hero, but with more and more powered people out there (thanks in part to that cloud of Terrigen that was released), there’s an abundance of folks that may be uniquely skilled at certain jobs.  Patsy makes it her mission to find gainful employment for the powered folk of the world who AREN’T on super-teams.  Complicating things is her old rival Hedy, who just republished the romance comics they starred in.

Look, I’m not going to but this month to month, but they’ve shown me enough that I’m definitely checking it out via Marvel Unlimited, and may just add it to my list of trades to buy and gift.  If you enjoy The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, check this out.

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