Nook Color Running Ice Cream Sandwich!

I had been meaning to do this since we got it for him, but I put a ‘real’ version of Android on my son’s Nook Color last night.  After checking to see what was currently available for it, I decided to try Android 4.0 – ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.  I followed the instructions at NookDevs for putting it onto a bootable SD card, and after some initial difficulty getting adb communication issues out of the way (which may have been MY fault), it’s working great.  And if we want to go back to the normal Nook interface, we can just turn it off, take out the SD card, and turn it on.

The ICS interface looks great, though a bit laggy to swipe.  I know some folks upped the screen sensitivity too, may need to look into that.  But I installed some of the go-to games and apps, such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and the like, and they look and play great.  The tablet/ICS version of the GMail app is quite nice, too.  I’m honestly a little jealous.  Looks like a great option for a cheap tablet, especially if you don’t need another device with a camera.  Might just get a cheap Nook Tablet for myself to play around with.  Until then, I’m stealing T’s NC at night.

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