Second Class Citizen

I went home last night, and while I was putting Eva to sleep for the night, I turned on Fox so I could watch Eagles/Steelers.  HOWEVER, as my old CRT television hummed to life, I was presented with an annoyance.  I could only see how many points the Steelers had.  Of course, for most of the game that wasn’t a problem as the Eagles hadn’t scored, but that’s beside the point.  At some point the past year or two, TV networks have decided that those of us playing out the string on a large screen CRT don’t matter.  It’s not just Fox, I’ve seen it elsewhere also, I just don’t understand why you’d want to annoy a pretty significant portion of the TV watching population.  Late last year, Neilsen reported that while the majority of households now have at least one HDTV, there is still a ton of standard definition TV being watched.  I will be replacing the living room TV at some point in the near future, but I can’t afford to swap out my bedroom TV or the playroom TV all at once.  And why should I have to?

Look, I’m not asking for a lot.  I can handle the graphics being a bit smaller and sleeker to fit better on the wider format screens, but at least throw us SDTV watchers a bone and start the important information over far enough so we can SEE it.  The same goes for commercials with phone numbers and anything else where I need to read.





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