Movie Review – Cowboys and Aliens

Saw Cowboys and Aliens today, and it was just okay.  The early parts of the movie seemed to go in fits and starts, though the climactic scenes moved along well enough.  It’s an interesting mix of Sci-Fi and Western themes, and I do have to admit I had to rethink a few characters after seeing them through to the end.  It reminds me of a ’40s Western mixed with a ’90s Sci-Fi movie – a bit more gore than John Ford, but with gruff old-school cowboys taking the place of Will Smith in Independence Day.  Olivia Wilde adds beauty to any movie, and Sam Rockwell was quite good as the wimpy saloon owner who comes through in the end.  Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford give solid performances.

I’m having a hard time coming up with a lot more to say without spoilers, which should probably tell you what you need to know.  If you can see it cheap like I did, it’s entertaining enough, but I wouldn’t spend $10.  Go see Captain America again instead.

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