Friday Finds – The Original BFG

It’s a light week since I was gone and not posting, due to my Grandmother’s funeral.  One post last week:

Other cool stuff:

Gizmodo has links about the original Big F***ing Gun, the Nazi superweapon ‘Gustav’.  Relevant stats:

The Gustav had a bore diameter of 800 mm (just under a yard) and used 3000 pounds, more than a ton, of smokeless powder charge to fire its two primary shell types: a 10,584 lb. high explosive (HE) shell and a 16,540 lb. concrete-piercing shell—roughly the weight of an unladen 71-passenger school bus, travelling at 2700ft/s.

The HE shell would leave a crater 30 ft deep up to 29 miles away, and the concrete-piercing shell could plow through 264 ft of concrete up to 23 miles away.

How to Stream Your Media from Home to Your Phone Anywhere You Go with Plex next up, from Lifehacker.  If I can replace TVersity with this, AND get streaming to my phone, outstanding.

Truck Crash Releases 14 Million Angry Bees, And Honey, On Highway via NPR and numerous other reports.  The fact that bees are valued at approximately $.03 had internet friends on Twitter trying to come up with ways to pay with your bills with bees.  And bee puns.  Lots of bee puns.

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