Dragon Age 2 Demo Impressions

I played through one full run of the DA2 Demo (male rogue), and to be honest, it’s got me a little worried.  The visuals are definitely different, probably better, but with the way combat jumps around so much it feels more like an older MMO.  The powers recharge quickly, the action more frenetic (yes, I know you can still pause it), and I never got the sense of what was happening to my characters at a glance.  Maybe the interface is TOO sparse, the details too hidden for my tastes.  The conversation wheel is fine, probably a change for the good, as it allows the hero to talk and emote.  I didn’t like Hawke’s family that much,

I definitely want to give the full game a try, as the story could save it easily, and I may just need time to adjust to the new style of play.  Still, I am tempering my expectations just a bit.

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  1. Did you play through on the PC or on a console?

    A buddy of mine who absolutely loved the first game, played through the demo on the PC and hated it. Actually, I don’t think he even finished, but instead got frustrated with the interface and rage-quit after the family troll fight.

    I played it on the PS3 and was simply amazed. I’ve only played the first game a little, but I felt like I’d been playing the Dragon Age 2 for years based on the smoothness of the combat (male rogue, as well). Everything just felt right, and I’m not much of a console gamer. I suggested my friend try it on the PS3, and he, too, was amazed by the difference.

    I haven’t played on the PC myself, so I can’t speak for it, but it does seem the experience is different enough that it is worth a shot on a console.

    1. PC. I considered downloading it to my 360, but I only have the 20gb drive so space is at a premium. I’m going to keep giving it a shot, but I much prefer to play games that are available on the PC platform there. Especially if there’s a toolset or mods available. (may not be in this case, but in general)

      1. Yeah, I understand. I’ve been a PC gamer for a long time, but kind of just fell behind upgrading for the latest games, so Dragon Age 2 likely wouldn’t play worth a damn on my current machine. I’ll end up buying TES: Skyrim for my PS3, too, unless I put the time/money into the full overhaul (new motherboard, processor, etc.) that I’ve been putting off.

        If you haven’t preordered Dragon Age 2 yet, I really suggest you try it out on a console before purchasing the PC version. I don’t imagine the Xbox 360 version is very different from the PS3, and the PS3 was just so fluid. I cannot wait until it shows up tomorrow.

        1. I’ll give it a shot. I’d probably be more amped if it was a true sequel to DA:O, gonna miss my Warden chick. She was an absolute nightmare to the enemy.

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