Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

Lifehacker has 5+ tweaks for the latest Ubuntu linux release (Intrepid Ibex), which I have downloaded and will be making use of myself. If you’ve always wanted to try Ubuntu, but didn’t want to format one of your PCs or try and shrink your existing drive partitions, try Wubi. Wubi allows you to install Ubuntu from within windows to a preset block of drive space (no need to resize or get a new hard drive) and can be uninstalled from within Windows just the same as any application, easing the transition. One good usage of it would be to turn your Windows PC into another Mythbuntu frontend for an existing Mythbuntu server.

What, you were expecting a dissection of the Sabres lineup or a post dedicated to a Thomas Vanek mancrush? Well, no guarantees that won’t happen later today…

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