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Title: People of Kassen
Post by: TheTick on January 11, 2018, 10:44:24 AM
Jonark Uptal - The Mayor of Kassen for the past 11 years.  Known for his fairness in dealing with town disputes, he can be found most days in the Great Hall, when he's not out fishing.  Human.

Father Rantal Prasst - Father Prasst is a Cleric of Erastil, though the small stone temple in town has shrines to other deities.  He was once a soldier but does not enjoy speaking of it.  Human, about 24 years of age.

Olmira Treesong - Olmira is a rather strange middle-aged Human Druid, known for dressing only in natural materials (grass skirts, leaves and bark) and being followed by small, woodland creatures that she speaks with.  She has taken apprentices over time, who have had to do odd tasks such as listing to the wind for a week, or planting seeds in random places.

Arnama Lastric - The country of Nirmathas is known for its rangers, and it was rangers that raised the orphaned Arnama.  She is tough and quiet, but the town knows she has their back.  She will occasionally teach her woodland skills to others, but isn't exactly known for her patience.  Human.

Ilimara Oniri - A human Monk from Qadira, this exotic woman has lived on the outskirts of town for the past 8 years.  She claims to be in search of peace, but any who have tried to learn the secrets of Irori enlightenment from her believe there is a darkness held with her.

Gregor Wisslo - The human Guard Captain, the graying Wisslo is an effective if harsh disciplinarian of a Fighter.  The other guards that have learned from him secretly detest him, with disparaging nicknames which they NEVER employ within earshot.

Moltus Vargidan - The patriarch of the Vargidan family, who are all known to have sorcerous blood.  The aging man, with long white hair nearly to his knees, lives in a large house with nearly a dozen children.  His mind may be slipping.

Trelvar and Asina Silvers - Trelvar runs the only inn and tavern in Kassen, the Seven Silvers.  Asina is his daughter (13 years old).  Trelvar's wife died about a year ago, leaving him without a son to pass the inn on to.  Asina (who is a bit of a gossip) says she will take it over, but Trelvar knows she dreams of moving to the big city.

Jimes "Short Change" Iggins - Jimes, a Halfling rogue, is Trelvar's employee at the Seven Silvers.  Insists the nickname is because of his height and not the fact that he tends to keep the change a bit more than is warranted.  Besides this, he's actually a good friend, and the townsfolk overlook his light touch.

Holgast - The town's wizard, Holgast, lives in a tower that leans only slightly.  He is known to be forgetful and erratic as a teacher, allowing students the "privilege" of learning from him after they do all sorts of tasks.  Most of his students learn from reading Holgast's spellbooks while he naps.