Comic Book Review - The Vision #4

Comic Book Review – The Vision #4

The fourth issue of The Vision is one of contrasts, something Tom King and the team have mastered so far.  We see the ideal for what Vision was hoping for when all this started.  The kids playing football in the yard (with humorous synthezoid banter reminiscent of Charlie Brown and Lucy), his wife in the house, a family.  But it can’t last – it won’t last, we KNOW this from the narrator – and Virginia gets a call on the blackmail phone.

The emotional seesaw continues from there.  Viv bonds with her lab partner, Virginia meets with the blackmailer.  I won’t spoil the climactic scene, but I will say it was an excellent example of suspense.  I saw the tragedy coming, actually held my breath hoping it would be different than what I thought, but no, it happened just as I dreaded.  Vision himself doesn’t know it yet, but his familial experiment just ended in disaster and I both can’t wait and can’t stand to see it coming.

I’d like to give a final shout-out to the art team of Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Jordie Bellaire (along with letterer Clayton Cowles), for the facial expressions and body language throughout the book.  Just great stuff.