Book Review - Dragon Age: Those Who Speak

Book Review – Dragon Age: Those Who Speak

I got my hands on a galley copy of Dragon Age: Those Who Speak, the latest graphic novel filling in the gaps in the Dragon Age universe.  Written by David Gaider, this comic follows Dragon Age: The Silent Grove and takes Alistair, Varric and Isabela to the Tevinter Imperium, giving us a taste of that foul place, continuing Alistair’s quest to find out what happened to King Maric. This book seemed to move along a bit better, and gives you some insight into our favorite pirate lass. It felt more like the characters I’m used to, while still giving some depth which was needed.  Oh, and there’s one more ‘friendly’ face that appears but I won’t spoil it. Definitely worth picking up if you’re itching for something to hold you over until Dragon Age III: Inquisition comes out.

Previously available as individual comics (in three parts), what I reviewed represents a collection of all three, available in February.