Moviepass – Would You Do It?

Gizmodo asked the question today – Would an Unlimited Subscription Get Your Ass Back in a Movie Theater Seat?  And for me, the answer is a qualified yes.  Moviepass looks to create a movie theater subscription where you pay them $25-40 a month (based on how expensive movies are in your area) and you can go to one movie per day.  If you want to see 3 or more movies in a month, it ends up being a deal.

So why not more enthusiasm?  A couple of things.  One, there aren’t always 3 or more movies worth seeing in a month.  Maybe it would be nice for those of us who like to see a movie more than once, but that’s not very often.  It’s just as much work as buying a regular ticket now – go on an app, ‘buy’ the movie, then use a Moviepass-specific card to buy the ticket at the theater.  That could change if theaters buy in, but there’s no way to know if they will.  It also has to have ZERO restrictions.  I don’t want to be told I can’t pick this movie or that movie because it’s new, or a ‘special engagement’ or get charged extra for 3D.  I mean, unless you already hit up 2 movies a week, you can probably do just as well as this with the various Groupon-type movie ticket deals that abound, so MoviePass HAS to blow that away with convenience.

It’s something I’m keeping a close eye on, but I don’t yet see anything that’s convincing me to give it a shot.  Yet.