Skyrim – Mod It

So, Bethesda finally released the long-awaited Creation Kit for Skyrim, so the modders of the world can finally really sink their teeth into the game and start producing outstanding content.  Well, there’s some good stuff already, but the options are now thrown wide open.  If you are interested in giving it a whirl, they’ve got a wiki set up with starting information, including how to install the Kit (not obvious via Steam, at least to me) and some solid tutorials.  I myself am not much of a 3d designer (hence why most of my art resembles The Order of the Stick), but new quests (or adjustments) would be fun.  I added a room in the basement of many buildings (one room, linked in many places) in Morrowind to give me a place to store stuff as well as to ease travel restrictions in that game.  What would YOU add or change?