Dads get the shaft

 Father’s Day is coming up (June 19th if you’re scoring at home), and even if you decry the commercial aspects of the various parental celebration days, you have to admit that we Dads kind of get shafted with this one.  First, thanks to it’s placement on the calendar, we will never escape the lame ad copy ‘Gifts for Dads and Grads!’.  I don’t know about you, but the things I like nowadays (extra sleep, baby hugs) don’t really overlap with a future college student’s.

It gets even worse when you see displays for the Father’s Day themed items at stores.  Take a look at this display spotted at Wegman.  Sure, some of the options are solid, especially for the little kid set (books you can read with your kids are always fine), but beyond that it’s assumed you like golf, or at least Tiger Woods, are clueless when taking care of your children, and you really love sitting on your butt in the recliner.  If I told you the other side of the rack was filled with books about grilling, would you be surprised?  How pissed would moms be if a ‘Show Mom How’ book was prominently featured on Mother’s day?  (yes, I know that series is tongue-in-cheek) Even though they do have such a book, I don’t remember seeing it trotted out as a legitimate purchase on the Mommy day, you know?  Just another way culture feeds into the ‘haha, Dads are bumbling oafs LOL’ stereotype.  I’m far from perfect, but there’s never been a time where I felt I was somehow behind my wife to any significate degree in the how-tos of parenting.  We both have to figure it out as we go, with help from family, previous life experience, and common sense.

Still, I’m not one to lead a charge against anything, and it really is the thought that counts, so I would say only to enjoy whatever it is that you do for the day.  Smile broadly when you open the grill brush or lawnmower or power washer or drill/driver combo that ads tell your family is really what you want, hug your kids, then stay up all night reading, playing video games, or whatever it is you REALLY like to do.  One rough day at work is totally worth it.