Lightning Movie Review – Rango

Things are returning somewhat to normal around these parts, enough so that I took my family to see Rango at the Movieland 8.  I enjoyed it, and it’s interesting that we had a trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2 in front of it, as Rango feels much like Kung Fu Panda – a good representative of it’s genre even when discounting the fact that it’s ‘animated’.  The fact that the genre itself is not that popular now (though there have been a few good movies out in the ‘Western’ category in recent years) means there are some people who won’t be too into the movie.  Like my wife, and my daughter, who fell asleep.

Rango is a cage-bound chameleon who gets knocked out of the car he is in while travelling through the Mojave desert.  By the way, Rango ‘acts’ in all sorts of imagined plays with the inanimate objects in his cage.  He gets directed to the town of Dirt, where he takes on the ‘role’ of Sheriff with mixed results.  Of course he ends up finding himself and saving the day but I’m not going to spoil it here.  The trailers did a good job of not spoiling things, for once, and I’m not going to ruin it here.

If you have any sort of affinity for old spaghetti westerns, Clint Eastwood or Johnny Depp, see the movie.  Chances are you can catch it at your second run theater like I did and save some cash.