Links From The Blogroll

Hey, everybody.  Haven’t been around much to post here, mostly because I haven’t seen any movies or played any new video games to review. ;)  That should change this weekend.  What I would like to do is highlight some of the newer additions to my blogroll and give some examples as to why you should be reading these sites.

The Expanse – a shared blog about Science Fiction and Fantasy from Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck

These two gents are writers, whose collaboration via the pen name James S. A. Corey Leviathan Wakes is due out this summer.  I’ve read parts of it in other forms, and it’s awesome.  Their shared blog has the musings of two well-spoken men on a variety of topics, including racism and exoticism in sci-fi and fantasy novels.  Well worth a read for writers, or anyone who likes to know about others’ creative processes.

A Walk in the Dark – A look into the mind of a DnD Campaign Designer

Shifting gears slightly, you have the blog of David “Nighthawk” Flor, a software dev and game designer I know.  He’s done mods for Half-Life, so if the name is familiar, you probably played The Opera (he mentions it here).  Nighthawk has a lot to say about game design, whether about how to handle insanity in DnD compared to Call of Cthulu, or creating random dice rolls for games hosted online.


I won’t pretend to know all that he’s talking about in regards to synthesizers and such, but Thomas Emmons is a composer in California who has a ton to say about music, computers and more.  Here’s a post about social networks and collaboration in the music scene.


Mike is a photographer and dad, which combine for some cute pictures of his son, Jason.  He also writes some insightful stuff over at Life as a Human.  I trust Mike’s book and movie reviews, though like me he doesn’t get to do them as much any more thanks to having children.  On the plus side, he’s reviewing more ‘kid’ movies which is relevant to my interests.

So that’s a taste of what my friends are up to.  Most of whom are more creative than me.  I might do this once in a while to highlight the good work they are doing.