Child's Play Donations!

Hi all…taking a break from hockey, movies and pictures of my kids to ask for donations to Child’s Play.  I’ve been a huge fan of the charity that Gabe and Tycho put together, which sets up Children’s hospitals the world over with books, toys, game systems and cash to improve the experience of the sick kids who get stuck there.  Women and Children’s Hospital here in Buffalo has been participating for a year or two, and the difference is amazing.  I’ve had to be there on more than one occasion (thought not for much that was too terrible) and the changes are night and day.  If you don’t want to donate straight cash, click the link above, which can take you then to the Amazon wish list of the hospital of your choice, where you can buy items the hospital has requested.  While you are there, check on the Letters page to read some stories of just what all this means to the kids that got to play with the toys or video games provided.  Just something I’d like you to consider. :)