Android 2.1 on the Hero

The Sprint Hero recently got the official Android 2.1 update, and I was running it via the DamageControl ROM before that.  Some thoughts:

  • It’s fast – you don’t see as many little hiccups when scrolling through apps or switching screens.
  • Google Navigation is legit.  Need to play with it more, but seems more user friendly. Better integration.
  • Battery life – I know there’s an app or two I didn’t reinstall, but I seem to get MUCH better battery life with similar use.  Normally, with heavy use during the day, the battery bar is yellow.  I’ve yet to see yellow in that situation since.
  • Shake Awake actually works pretty consistently.
  • I think this is new, being able to bring in two Google accounts in the GMail app is great.

I liked my Hero before, but it’s even better now.  Just wish we hadn’t had to wait so long!  Hopefully 2.2 won’t be another 6 months off.