A Question Of Motivation

First, the Sabres…from John Vogl over at the Buffalo News:

“We didn’t compete,” captain Craig Rivet said. “We didn’t compete at all. They played a playoff game and gave everything they had, and we looked like a bunch of guys that wanted to wait and hopefully win a hockey game.

“It’s pathetic. It’s very upsetting. They’re a team that’s hungry, and we look like a team that’s just going through the paces right now.”

The good news is, there’s time for this to be corrected, and I don’t imagine it will be a huge problem once playoff games start.  On the bad side, though, that sounds a lot like a description of teams from the past two seasons.  If Rivet and Ruff can’t yank them out of this mini-funk, I don’t trust these guys to self-start.  Not many games left to get into the playoffs on a high note.

In other news, my PC is overheating.  Think I just need to reseat my HSF with some new thermal compound and all will be good.  But it sucks until then, as any gaming is out of the question.