Camping Adventures: Lost Tires, Rainstorms and Lots of Children, Part 2

So, when we left off, there was a decision to make. We had only made it maybe 40 miles or so from home, and the weekend was more than half over. But Thomas desperately wanted to see his cousins, so off we went. Things still weren’t any better, as the rains turned into a downpour, and for a good stretch of I-79S traffic was moving along at about 30 mph. We do make it, though, and get the kids to bed (the cousins were already down for the count).

He was pushing this for some ladies.  Good job, buddy.

He was pushing this for some ladies. Good job, buddy.

We actually managed to sleep fairly well, though Thomas got scared and asked me to come up on the top bunk with him in the middle of the night. *hugs* Jen got up and made breakfast (carting around all that food and trying to keep it cold finally paid off!) and then Thomas, Ethan and Noah went crazy at the very muddy playground. You can see just how muddy in the picture. :) After that, it was pretty much lunch time and then time for us to pack up. We got our cabin cleaned out, and then Thomas got to do his jobs to help with Papa’s trailer.

We decided for the trip back that Jen and the kids would ride with her parents, and I would drive the poor Subaru home. Mostly uneventful, though every odd noise or bump in the road made me nervous. At least for that portion of the trip, the rain had finished and I could cruise with the windows open (AC doesn’t work on that car).

Well there you have it. At the rate these attempts at camping are increasing in suckitude, next time out I should have pictures of punching a bear in the face.