Cuil Search Not Ready For Primetime

Cuil search engine needs work:

We didn€™t find any results for €œbuffalo sabres€
Some reasons might be…

a typo. Please check your spelling.
your search includes a term that is very rare. Try to find a more common substitute.
too many search terms. Please try fewer terms.
Finally, try to think of different words to describe your search.

Versus this from Google:

Results 1 – 10 of about 3,610,000 for buffalo sabres with Safesearch on.

Safesearch was on for both. Cuil is the latest challenger to Googlefor search supremacy, and they claim to index more pages than the Goog. I’ll wait a while to see if that actually pans out, but it would help if they could actually find something I’m searching for…

edit: okay, I’m getting results now. Guess they are getting hit pretty hard.